With a strategic location accessible by important waterways and roadways, and with ample opportunities for land leasing or usage of existing services, the Port of Vinton may just be the place for your next successful business venture in Southwest Louisiana.

The Port of Vinton is a shallow-water port located on a navigable waterway in Vinton, La., near the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) and Interstate 10, eight miles east of the Louisiana-Texas border. It is conveniently accessible by water via the Vinton Navigation Channel (approx. 7.2 miles north of the GIWW) and by road via the Johnny Breaux Road (approx. 4 miles south of Interstate 10).

Over the last 10 years, the port has experienced significant growth and activity, including the construction of a $10 million pre-stressed concrete bridge girder and pile facility. The port’s assets include an 806-acre tract of land, a barge loading dock and a 20,500-square-foot commercial building.  Within this acreage, there are currently several leasable sites bordering either the waterway or the roadway. In addition, the Port serves as landlord to companies offering services such as industrial painting and sandblasting, and concrete manufacturing. 

The Port of Vinton is one of the six ports of the Southwest Louisiana Port Network, and has close connections with the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance and the Louisiana Department of Economic Development.

The Port of Vinton is a convenient and strategic facility that can offer your business important economic, location and transportation advantages.

Main Channel Depth:  11-foot draft

Primary Cargoes:

  • Inbound – Aggregate, Portland Cement Concrete, Steel Reinforcement
  • Outbound – Precast Concrete Products

Cargo Terminals & Facilities:

  • 20,500 sq. ft. commercial building and six acres of land (currently under lease)
  • 125-acre land tract (currently under lease)

More than 600 acres available property for lease